Affordability Fact Check from WO Mayor's 2018 Door Tag

Municipal Tax Rate Stabilized?

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Citizen's Budget Advisory Com. Report: 2018-2019 Summary

The CBAC hopes to bring to light a common understanding of what a budget is and what function it has in the day to day living on each and every citizen of our municipality.  According to the West Orange CBAC: "Our hope is to produce an easy to read executive summary each year for the proposed town budget. Each section is reviewed and discussed by a member of the CBAC (Citizens Budget Advisory Committee) and notes and feedback are submitted for review by the CBAC members. Each section is submitted to the town council for correctness and accuracy before publishing and if there are any changes proposed they are considered and reviewed by the CBAC and all of its members."

Twp CFO Presents West Orange's 2018 Town Budget

If you don't live in West Orange yet, our Town CFO's slideshow will have you moving in right NOW! Watch and listen as West Orange is rated as the BEST town in Essex County, with the BEST tax rates, the BEST services, & is headed in a direction unseen since the Bronze Era.

Click on the accompanying video. Then get your checkbook ready to help support Mr. Gross's FIFTH annual salary raise in a row. ($33,583 over five years. That's a 23.9% raise, bringing his proposed annual salary to $173,935.)

WO Taxes 101 Presentation: Breakdown by Joe Krakoviak

Tax Abatement Report

An easy, informative investigative read that investigates the issues NJ towns and counties face as they utilize the redevelopment practice of, 1. Designating areas in need of redevelopment, 2. Issuing tax abatements to developers, and 3. Accepting PILOT money from developers. A fabulous example of applying "text to world" connections as West Orange observes their elected and appointed officials worked to designate Essex Green Shopping Center and Executive Drive Offices as "blighted." (An Area in Need of Redevelopment.)

Mayor Parisi's Budget 2018

Mayor Parisi has proposed a 2% property tax increase.

In addition, an increase of $3.5 million (or 4.4%), in revenues/appropriations in his 2018 budget.

Town Council, which has responsibility for approving all spending, considered this proposal at their 3/17 session.  

The full budget can be seen via the link below. If you would prefer to watch the  "sales pitch" for the budget, please follow the YouTube link: May 22 Budget Presentation 

If you’d like to let the council know your thoughts, you can e-mail them to

The budget hearing goes line by line through the budget and includes presentation/discussion by representatives of the mayor’s Administration and department heads.

Full Partipatory Budget