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West Orange, NJ 07052

Environment & Resident Advocacy Organization

Town of West Orange Calendar

Click below to see events posted on the West Orange town calendar. PLANNING BOARD, TOWNSHIP COUNCIL, ZONING BOARD meetings: Stop by Town Hall to stay involved in local happenings and proposed projects. See your tax money at work! 

(Participate in keeping it work efficiently!)

West Orange Chamber of Commerce Calendar

Click below to see what's happening on our town's Chamber of Commerce calendar. The Chamber's mission: "is to create and promote a climate where business can operate in a productive and profitable manner." Residents can help out!

West Orange Board of Education Calendar

Advocating for the health & wealth of our town begins at home...and in school. We can't use adages such as, "Children are our future" and "It takes a village" if we don't have a village that promotes  a future for our children. West Orange is our village. OGWO stands alongside our youngest of residents by advocating their need for a healthy environment, sensible town development, safe streets & sidewalks, fair taxes so their family can afford to remain in West Orange, all while promoting NEW opportunities for future families and businesses. 8pm is a little late for children to attend Public Comment at Town Hall or at the Board of Education. Don't worry, us residents have you covered!