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Looking to plant a new tree, new plant, or find out what native species are on your property? 

OGWO compiled the following list from the Arbor Day Foundation and the NJ Native Plant Society.

Our poor, new trees! They need your help! Our Township hired the lowest bidding contractor to plant 201 trees throughout West Orange, at a cost of $64,000.  The Township failed to water the new plantings as agreed to, &  the contractor failed to plant the trees properly. (Over mulching, not pre-watering the hole, failing to form a catch basin in the mulch...) The fact that all 201 trees were planted so hastily in the heat of summer, in different areas of the town contributes to poor planning.

positive Environmental Changes in West Orange

West Orange Economic Possibilities


Ever wonder what the environment is really worth in actual dollars?   Dr. Robert Costanza, a world-renowned ecological economist and trans-disciplinary scientist at the Australian National University has been researching this and other critical questions for many years.  Join Kim Eierman for her interview with Dr. Costanza and learn what ecosystem services are worth and why ecological economics are key to our survival.


Native Plant Society of NJ


The Native Plant Society of New Jersey is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, protection, and study of the native flora of New Jersey. Founded in 1985, we have hundreds of members across the state, and are organized into county and regional chapters. Our members include gardeners, horticulturists, naturalists, landscape designers, students, and native plant enthusiasts from all walks of life.


West Orange: Enviro-Change Begins in Our Yards


EcoBenefial works to change how we think about & manage our landscapes.  With natural areas rapidly diminishing, species declining at historic rates, & climate change dealing new blows to environmental health, our managed landscapes have never been more important.  Simple changes in our landscaping practices can make major environmental improvements - no matter the size of the landscape.

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Banning Round-Up

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West Orange: Home to Edison & the Lorax

Mayor Limits Tree Protection

West Orange is a unique township. 

  • We have a Tree Ordinance . (Which our mayor fought.) 
  • We have NO Shade Tree Commission. (As decided by the mayor.)
  • We have an Environmental Commission. (With members appointed by the mayor, and who have no authority.)
  • We have a Town Council who could create a Shade Tree Commission. (But by 4:1 majority,  rule 99% as the mayor wishes.)
  • The Town Council president (Susan McCartney) is Council liaison to the WO Environmental Commission. (But continually blocks pro-environmental agenda items.)
  • The Chairman of the WO Open Space & Recreation Commission (i.e. protecting the environment)  is Joseph McCartney. (Husband to the Town Council President, and appointed by the mayor.)

But West Orange does have a beautiful sign that reads, "Tree City, USA." A sign that has no place in West Orange. Funny how it's the roots of town politicians that run deep, far, and wide, while those of the town's trees are being severed.