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West Orange, NJ 07052

Environment & Resident Advocacy Organization

West Orange senior citizen and OGWO member, Robert Daniel, PhD was issued two summons' by the WOPD the summer 2018. His crime? Dr. Daniel was concerned about safety issues at the Laurel Ave construction site, and brought those issues to the attention of the West Orange Planning Board, Zoning Board, and OSHA.

Mr. John Bertoldi, of the R.J. Michaels and Company, Inc. construction company called the police when he saw photographs on the Our Green West Orange website depicting the Laurel Ave construction site, as well as received calls and messages from both Mr. Daniels and (presumably) the Twp of West Orange.

Although the photos (as seen below) can not be confirmed as those taken by Dr. Daniel, the judge ruled Dr. Daniel have no contact with the construction company for a set period of days. Dr. Daniels spent $1,500 on attorney fees and missed one day of work, while the Township and R.J. Michaels company continue to operate as if there are no safety concerns. (OSHA issued citations, which OGWO is in the process of understanding more about.)

Laurel Ave Contractor retaliates against concerned resident

ABOUT THE Construction Site

Accident Waiting to happen: Un-Protected Construction Site in WO Neighborhood


Along Laurel Ave, as one begins traveling south from Eagle Rock Ave, there has been an ongoing, dangerous, and illegal construction project happening in West Orange. Just who purchased the property, owns the property, and applied for construction permits? Who approved the permits, and when? Who is monitoring the site as it remains open for children to frequent and explore rock crushers, front loaders, and bulldozers. Playing amongst rebar, foundation pits, and enormous irrigation tubing as the township of West Orange remains quiet and unconcerned...until possible tragedy strikes.

Open Pits. No construction fencing.


Open Site. Boulders to climb on.


Continued Safety Issues


The Only Security System Present


$17,000 in Fines for Mt Sinai Construction Group’s Safety Violations

An OSHA report just obtained by a Laurel Ave construction site resident details the numerous safety violations the construction company has been issued and already paid. This has been an ongoing issue reported numerous times to West Orange township officials, to no avail. Shame!