Mavis Tire


Mavis Removes Application Before ZB

Mavis Tire has decided not to pursue their application before the WO Zoning Board. The residents of West Orange spoke loud and clear, delivering a resounding message that building a large Mavis Tire on the very edge of a residential neighborhood is NOT beneficial to the health, safety, quality of life, or property value of neighboring homes and families. Mavis Tire is an asset to West Orange, but the new, proposed location of the business was poorly chosen. 

Congratulations to the residents who came out and advocated for their neighborhood. Our Green West Orange was proud to stand alongside these neighbors, and support their efforts to keep their West Orange Green, Safe and Affordable.

Mavis Discount Tire Seeks Zoning Variance

Owner of the China Gourmet property is seeking a variance for how the property can be used: commercial, but use as a light-industrial site. (To house a relocated Mavis.) What do neighbors think? How about Mayfair Farms wedding planners? Too residential? Noise, traffic, hazardous material, lights, signs, exhaust...not neighborly.

The Big Deal


West Orange will be welcoming a newer Mavis Discount Tire Center, filling a space where a dying restaurant has stood and will be vacant.


1. The tire center will be located on the edge of a residential zone, sharing property lines with residents.

2. The current zoning is for restaurants, and a Mavis would require an industrial land use permit. (See "Mavis" under Exhibit A tab.)

3. The location of Mavis is on an area of Eagle Rock Avenue where there is a blind curve, and entering/exiting the location is dangerous already.

4. Mavis will be operating an 8-bay garage, functioning 7-days and evenings per week. A large "monument sign," as well as smaller signage and LED lighting will consume the property.

5. Mavis will be removing 50% of the trees currently located on the property, including two large, mature oak trees that help manage water run off, erosion, aesthetics, and air quality. (Mavis will be adding deciduous pines, but these trees provide far less in benefits.)

6. A tire center this close to residents will impact quality of life: Increases in noise (honking, car alarms, air-compressors, workers, truck deliveries/pick-ups), truck and car traffic, lights, pollution, aesthetics, and a justified safety concern due to the storage and handling of hazardous waste behind their homes.

7. Residents are concerned that their home values will plummet now that they will be neighboring an auto repair center. ("Our taxes are high enough already, detracting potential buyers. Now, add a tire center as a neighbor, and our prospects to sell are significantly less.")

Mavis Discount Tire Project


What's the Fuss?

You've heard the rumors, you've read the posts on West Orange 411. What's the big deal with a Mavis service center taking over the location where the China Gourmet restaurant sits? The information to your left should explain. (But hear even more facts on March 15th at Town Hall, when the applicant speaks before the Zoning Board. 8pm, 66 Main Street, W.O., 07052