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West Orange Tree Ordinance

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No Turtle Back Zoo Expansion

Residents, Zoo patrons, and advocates for animals and the environment as for your support in helping to tell our Essex County and West Orange elected officials that the Zoo is big enough!

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Should West Orange Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags?

Scientists estimate that it could take up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to "go away". Plastic bags are not biodegradable. Roughly 95% of all plastic bags in United States are NOT recycled, according to the US Environment Protection Agency. Banning or restricting plastic bags isn't a new idea. Other countries have already taken action. Ireland, for example, has a tax on plastic bags. China's complete ban of plastic bags has saved them roughly 4.8 million tonnes of oil as of June 2012, as stated by an NDRC government offical. In all, over 1/3 of the worlds' countries have restricted plastic bags.Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle are among the first to ban plastic bags in the US. West Orange can lead New Jersey with being the next!  See San Fransico's bag-ban policy here:

  • City law prohibits all single-use checkout plastic bags
  • Mandatory charge of 10¢ per checkout bag provided
  • Allows stores and food establishments to keep the charge
  • Charge does not apply to EBT, WIC, SNAP, and food stamp program transactions
  • All compliant checkout bags listed above, including bags provided for takeout and delivery orders
  • The ordinance does not apply to bags for: unwrapped food items (such as baked goods), loose produce (nuts, grains, candy, meat, fish, or small hardware), to prevent damage to a good or contamination of other goods placed together in the same bag (to prevent leakage of hot liquids), leftover food ("doggy bags"), newspaper, laundry or dry cleaning , or Rx bags containing prescription drugs.

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Should West Orange Ban the Use and Sale of Cancer-Causing Pesticides ?

Banned in Europe, California, and Canada. West Orange can lead the way for NJ. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is the most-used agricultural chemical ever. Mounting scientific evidence of its human health impacts indicates that it may also be the most devastating.

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