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West Orange, NJ 07052

Environment & Resident Advocacy Organization

It’s a Beautiful Day in Our Neighborhood!

Resident Replaces Invasive Species with Native Plants.


Sure the Forsythia looks beautiful twice per year, but is it a functional plant? Does it provide food for native animals, or is it purely decorative? The answer may surprise you based on the amount of Forsythia growing in West Orange. One neighbor has been removing all their Forsythia, and took to planting the first of many native species plants in an effort to incorporate NJ native species in their yard. Pictured above is a Chokeberry. Join the N.J. Native Plant Society to find ways to promote a functional, progressive landscape!

Resident Adds Over 2,000 Native Plants to Their Yard!


we’re not sure who is more fortunate: the residents of WO with two legs, or this with two, four, six & eight legs...including those with wings!  Local WO neighbors added 2,000 native pollinators to their years, within a meadow-like design. Attracted to their new meadows are a wide variety of insects, birds, and other wildlife that help keep WO clean, green, and beautiful. 

Backyard Garden Brings Joy to Retirees


Veteran West Orange residents Mr. & Mrs. Sussman amazed OGWO with their backyard garden! The photo shows how the family converted a broken gutter into hanging garden beds for lettuce, some herbs, and flowering plants. Tomatoes of many varieties, different types of basil, and cucumbers and squash having range to climb and be free.