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Trees provided to wO residents (all native to Essex County)

Red Maple


Brings color to your landscape year-round. Green stems turn red in winter, new leaves are red-tinged, turning to green. Fall color is deep red or yellow. Flowers are also red. Fast growing and tolerant of many soils. Grows to 40' to 60', 40' spread.



The tuliptree is beloved for its beauty, with its cup-shaped flowers. It is the tallest of the eastern hardwoods, & a rapid grower when conditions are right. Likes full sun; moist, acid, well-drained soil. Grows to 40' to 100+', 40' spread.

Pin Oak


Pyramidal through early maturity, its form turns more oval in older age. Fast-growing, tolerates wet soils, likes full sun. Glossy dark green leaves turn russet, bronze or red. Grows to 60' to 70', 25'-45' spread.

Recent Trees for Senior Citizens Event

On Saturday, May 4th, Roosevelt Middle School student Randy Stevens ran his Genius Hour project with the help of Our Green West Orange. OGWO purchased 150 trees from the Arbor Day Foundation, and partnered with Randy to bring his project to life.

The tree saplings were provided free to West Orange senior citizens, and then extended to all Township residents. (Three went to Playhouse, a local preschool who's young students will compare how each of the three varieties of trees grow!) 

Not only did Randy hand out the saplings, he and friend Greg Reissig PLANTED trees at residents’ homes. We are proud to announce that over 108 Red Maple, Tulip, and Pin Oak trees were provided. (The remaining trees will go to local schools, in an open space location across from the recycling center, and to residents who still wish to receive a free sapling. Enough money was raised to purchase even more free trees! 

A big thank you to Roosevelt Middle School principal Mr. Hush, educator Mrs. Bush, the Stevens Family, The Reissig Family, Gregory School principal Mrs. Estupiñan, residents, and our local seniors who’s roots run deep like the trees around us.

 [See video from the event here.]

We encourage residents to plant native species plants, purchase from responsible growers, and avoid pesticides like Round-Up. Together, we can all grow healthy!

(Additional funds raised will help provide FREE saplings to residents who have lost a tree on their property due to storms, disease, or construction.)

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