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West Orange, NJ 07052

Environment & Resident Advocacy Organization

Crestmont Country Club redevelops property


CCC ignores residents' concerns; Resident (OGWO member) files lawsuit against CCC

The Big Deal


To improve the existing country club so they can sustain themselves "For at least the next 25-years." (Alan Ackerman, CCC President)


1. Crestmont plans include the removal 69 trees

2. The Town of West Orange is not adhering to their own Safe Streets Initiative by NOT requiring CCC to include new sidewalks along busy streets lining their property.

3. Trees being removed are targeted for the installation of a waterline, when other less invasive options are available.


Township Sides with Private Country Club over Residents' Safety

Residents worked hard to get the West Orange Town Council and Planning Board to ensure that Crestmont Country Club would protect trees, and include sidewalks as a part of  their new renovations. The Township sided with the Country Club, and "coincidently" a large contribution was made to the mayor's re-election campaign fund. Legal? Sure. Ethical? Perhaps not.