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West Orange, NJ 07052

Environment & Resident Advocacy Organization

West Orange Zoning Board v. child in wheelchair


On June 21, 2018 the West Orange Zoning Board of Adjustment voted to approve a residential variance so 15-year Ethan can have a wheelchair ramp built at his home. It took three (3) evening meetings, attorneys, architects, engineers, planners, CBS news, and MANY of Ethan's friends, family members, neighbors, and disability advocates to help the Zoning Board approve his ramp. 

CBS News Airs Story exposing Zoning Board's Ethical, Unlawful, & Discriminatory Practices

Videos From Ethan's Hearing Demonstrate Legal and Moral Disconnect by WO Zoning Board

Sunshine Law, American with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing, NJ Common Law...the list goes on.