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West Orange, NJ 07052

Environment & Resident Advocacy Organization

Township Meetings, Committees, Commissions & more

Township Council Mtgs Tuesdays 2x/month, 7:00pm


West Orange Township Council agenda is posted on our Town's website, www.westorange.org

If you can't make it to the meeting and wish to share your thoughts on something you feel is important, click the button below to send an email to your Town Council:

Planning Board Mtgs Wednesdays monthly 7:00pm


Come listen and comment on development applications that are before the Planning Board. To see what agenda items are up for discussion, and what Wednesday the meeting will take place, click the button below. 

Zoning Board Mtgs Thursdays monthly 8:00pm


Come listen and comment on development applications that are before the Zoning Board of Adjustment. To see what agenda items are up for discussion, and what Thursday the meeting will take place, click the button below. 

OGWO Committees


Our Green West Orange has a variety of committees that residents can join. Click the button to find a committee that looks interesting to you! Want to form a NEW committee? Please email us!

Mayor's Open Office Hours Thursdays 2x/month 6:30pm-8:30pm


Wish to speak with West Orange Mayor Robert Parisi? No appointments necessary. Share concerns you have regarding taxes, the loss of West Orange Trees, the need for bike safety lanes, sidewalks, or any other concerns (or celebrations) you wish to share. (Document the discussion for accountability check.) His office is in Town Hall, 66 Main Street.

If you can't make it to Town Hall for a sit down, send him an email: Mayor@WestOrange.org

Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board Mtgs, Thursdays, monthly 7:30pm


Come find out what's happening in West Orange regarding Pedestrian Safety. Your input is always appreciated, and will help improve our small town of 47,000 residents!

Turtle Back Zoo, Educ. Ctr.                 

560 Northfield Ave.

West Orange

Want to send an email, get meeting dates, or find out more about the PSA Board? Click below:

WO Enviro Commission Mtgs, Wednesdays, monthly 7:00pm


Come meet your West Orange Environmental Commission advisory board. They welcome meeting residents who are curious about what environmental projects are on the table for West Orange.

If you plan to attend with a large group, please email the Commission prior so they can best plan accommodations for your group in the Town Hall Conference Room. 

Click the button below to send an email:

WO Open Space Comm Mtg, Wednesdays Every Other Month 7:00pm


Meetings take place at Town Hall, 

66 Main Street
Conference Room 109
West Orange, NJ 07052

Historic Preservation Comm Mtg, 2nd Wednesday monthly 7:00pm


Meetings take place at Town Hall, 

66 Main Street
Conference Room 109
West Orange, NJ 07052

Public Relations Mtgs, 2nd Thursday monthly 6pm


The Public Relations Commission was formed in 1996 to promote West Orange and the benefits of raising a family and starting a business.  A year later, the commission was created and since then, has charged itself with keeping current residents/businesses and luring new residents/businesses through effective promotion and communication of the various events, services, neighborhoods, and amenities offered.

WO Human Relations Committee Mtgs, 4th Monday monthly 7pm


Established by municipal ordinance in 1992, the Human Relations Commission develops and implements programs and initiatives that encourage a positive and constructive dialogue within the township about diversity and diversity related issues. The commission encourages the inclusion of all people in the leadership of civic and community issues and groups. The commission is involved in community-building tasks and strategies that enhance and sustain respect among different groups and people.

Public Relations Mtgs, 2nd Thursday monthly 6pm


WO TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate Release) Program, Mtgs TBA


TNVR involves humanely trapping feral cats, spaying or neutering them, vaccinating them against rabies and other common illnesses, and returning them to their outdoor “home” to live out their lives. A “colony caretaker” then continues to provide food, fresh water and adequate shelter to the colony cats and monitors their health.

Mayor's Program for People with Disabilities


The Township of West Orange believes that there is a manifest need to provide recreational and social activities for persons who are mentally and/or physically disabled. It also recognizes its obligation to offer and provide information and services to the families of disabled persons. The Board shall foster community good will and understanding toward persons with mental and/or physical disabilities and make recommendations to the Mayor and Township Council for the development of policies and programs designed to achieve these goals. 

WO Arts Council, 3rd Thursdays monthly, 7:00 pm


The West Orange Arts Council will cultivate the arts within our community. Through education, outreach, arts programming, and facilities enhancement, the Arts Council will enrich and enliven the lives of all residents of the Township of West Orange. 

Meetings : WOAC Art Center, 551 Valley Road 

Click below for TOWN page, and hyperlink above for the WOAC website.